About us

Dance education encompasses far more than the techniques and skills your children will learn. We believe the discipline of dance training provides young people great life lessons of commitment, teamwork, communication skills, perseverance, trust, community, friendship, and so much more. It is rewarding to watch our students make lifetime friendships while learning about teamwork together. We enjoy sharing the love of dance and theatre with youth, along with watching them grow and develop as performers, and individuals.

Anita’s provides a nurturing environment where dance techniques and theatrical skills create a well rounded performer. It is our mission to provide students with classes of quality dance training along with incorporation of theatrical skills. We also offer musical theatre and drama classes on their own. Encouraging students to be well versed in both helps them to be the best performer they can be. 

Anita’s offers a variety of classes full of skills and techniques. This includes: acro, tap, jazz, ballet/pointe, hip hop, lyrical, technique classes, group vocals, and drama classes. Our curriculums accommodate all levels (age 3 to adult).