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Dance attire

Dress Code

All students are expected to wear dancewear in class along with appropriate shoes. During instruction, we request that street clothes/baggy sweats will not be allowed in class. If a student is not dressed properly for class, they may be asked to sit out that day. Hair must be pulled off the face and in a ponytail if possible.  

Tap and jazz students may wear any type of dancewear: leotard, biker shorts/dance pants/dance shorts.  

Ballet students must wear a leotard with skin-colored tights. Beginning level students may wear skirts/tutus. Students enrolled in several classes on the same day as ballet can stay in their ballet clothes-- Just add a pair of shorts/pants--No need to change.



  • Skin-colored ballet slippers


  • Ages 3-5 - Black jazz shoes/gore boots/ballet slippers.

  • All others should wear black jazz Oxford or gore boots.


  • Foot undies or adage turners


  • 3-5 - Black patent leather pre-taps

  • 6 & up - Black oxford taps/black taps with straps

  • 12 & up - Black oxford taps

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