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Teaching basic and advanced tumbling movements, such as somersaults, tumbling, back-walkovers, cartwheels, aerials, etc. Each movement is taught on floor mats and then put into progressive combinations.


Ballet is the backbone for all of dance and is essential for a dancer’s progress. It teaches and improves coordination, flexibility, musicality, and fluidity as a dancer. It is an important class for development and strengthening of the muscles.


* Mandatory for all competition teams.


Junior Drama - Students engage in theater games while learning the basic stage and acting skills. This includes acting, singing and movement. 

Broadway Bound - This course is designed for the serious theatre student. Students will:

  • Learn about theatrical skills, TV commercials, camera techniques, cold readings, script readings, sitcoms, and improvisational skills.

  • Prepare performances of monologues, scenes, and one-acts.

  • Advance acting skills taught through improvisation exercises, theater games, in-depth character development, and actual rehearsals.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a style of jazz dance which incorporates street-dancing and the breakdown of dance moves. The dance moves are then put into fun and fast-paced combinations. Hip-hop teaches and improves rhythm and coordination.


Jazz class includes warm-ups, progressions across the floor, and introductions to combinations ranging from beginner to most technical. Jazz fuses together technique and style, with a focus of stage presence.


An expressive form of dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques while conveying a story for the audience. Lyrical is extremely technical and emphasizes the importance of fluidity in dance. 


* Only available for students with experience in ballet and jazz.


Tap class focuses on the technique, musicality, rhythm and coordination in creating a percussion with tap shoes. Students are introduced to tap steps ranging from beginning to the most complex. Learned material is then applied to warm-ups, center floor, and combinations. Anita uses Al Gilbert’s Instruction for learning the basic steps.


We offer vocal training lessons to strengthen your singing vocals. Students are given singing instruction, proper exercises, and vocal study materials

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